The best smart clothing: From biometric shirts to contactless payment jackets

Most people wear underwear every day — unless you like to go commando — and it’d be an easy way to get people started with smart clothing. In fact, if you didn’t want to wear tons of smart clothing or spend the money on techy clothes, you could get along just fine with a collection of smart socks and underwear.

There's no change on the battery front, either, giving you an impressive one month off a single charge. Sensoria's second gen connected socks aim to track your runs in detail, offering information on pace, distance and time as well as your running style.

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Find this season's fashion essentials in the boohoo women's working wardrobe. Look chic in the office with jumpsuits, high heels, dresses and more.
Free shipping on women's clothes on sale at Shop the best brands on sale at Totally free shipping & returns.

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Yoga can be difficult, especially if you're just beginning. How do you move your body? How long do you hold your positions? If you don't have a good instructor, or if you try to do it yourself, you could find yourself in over your head. Sydney-based startup Wearable X's Nadi X pants, however, want to solve that.

It syncs up via Bluetooth to your phone and, through the companion app, gives you additional feedback. Ships in August Check out our full review of the Nadi X smart yoga pants for more. The GPS sports watch maker is dabbling in the world of smart clothing for the first time with a smart compression shirt that's designed for serious athletes.

With heart rate capture points on the front and a pocket on the back for a GPS sensor, users will be able to track motion and heart rate metrics in real time. Integration with Polar's Team Pro system means you can broadcast live training data, letting athletes and coaches monitor condition and fitness levels. From the makers of the Lumo Lift posture tracker, these smart running shorts and capris pack in a sensor that can monitor a host of metrics including cadence, ground contact time, pelvic rotation and stride length.

The smart running gear supports real time coaching, with feedback sent through to your headphones to help improve running form and reduce the chances of injury. There's no change on the battery front, either, giving you an impressive one month off a single charge. If you don't want to buy the shorts, there's also the Lumo Run sensor that can smarten up your current running kit.

Lumo Run in-depth review. Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket is the first piece of connected clothing to launch from Google's Project Jacquard platform. By building touch and gesture sensitive areas on the jacket sleeve, users will be able to interact with a variety of services including music and map apps. You'll be able to dismiss phone calls with a swipe or double tap to get directions — all without reaching for your phone. After a delayed launch, the smart denim jacket is finally ready to smarten up your commute in more ways than one.

Google Jacquard smart jacket review. Sabine Seymour's fashion tech startup, Supa, mashes up neon, a heart rate sensor and AI to give you a smart bra with a tonne of personality. It's water resistant and syncs to the Supa.

AI app via Bluetooth. It'll use "invisible biometric sensors" and AI to not only keep track of workouts, but track things like UV levels, too. Supa is here to make the quantified self cool. You can get the Supa in three sizes — small, medium and large — and it comes in three distinct styles. There's the Supa heavy stripes, a blue-tinted mix and the very colourful 'colours'. This French fashion tech company has been busy creating connected clothing, including jeans, dresses and bikinis.

The Neviano UV Protect swimsuit collection is equipped with a removable medallion-style waterproof sensor that aims to stop you staying too long in the sun. Once you've entered your skin type in the companion iOS or Android smartphone app, it'll continuously monitor the temperature throughout the day and will send out warnings when it's time to apply some more sunscreen or get into the shade. The second generation Owlet Smart Sock has all the features you know and love from the original.

It uses the same pulse oximetry technology used in hospitals to monitor the little one's heart rate, making sure his or her sleeping and breathing haven't been interrupted. It also comes in three sizes, charges via a base station and syncs to your iPhone or Android phone to deliver data in real time. New additions include improved Bluetooth range — up to feet — and better placed sensors so that there are fewer false notifications.

It'll also work with Owlet's new Connected Care platform, which will help you identify potential health issues like sleep irregularities, RSV, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic lung disorders and heart defects. Owlet Smart Sock 2 review. Despite a failed Kickstarter campaign, Komodo Technologies still found a way to launch its compression sleeve that uses electrocardiogram ECG technology to monitor heart rate activity. Komodo smart sleeve gets serious about heart rate monitoring.

Aside from offering accurate heart rate data, it monitors sleep, workout intensity and is available in two different models. Its module also has sensors on board to monitor body temperature, air quality and UV rays. While it sounds like a perfect fit for fitness lovers, the startup behind AIO hopes that it can also measure stress levels and even help detect heart inflammation and coronary heart disease as well.

We're currently putting the sleeve and sensor through its paces, so we'll see if these lofty aims are met in our full review. The Montreal-based smart clothing startup recently unveiled its latest connected shirt that's laced with sensors. They can be colored or patterned, but it must balance out your outfit of mainly neutral, composed pieces. However, if you are dressing for work, stay away from these options.

Accessories are often the outfit pieces that can firmly establish the feel of your ensemble. This same principle goes for earrings. You still want your earrings to be simple, but they can add some flair and elevate to your outfit. If your outfit is already a bit varied with colors and prints, consider toning down to jewelry to balance your look out.

Accessorizing your outfit with a belt can add a pop of color to your look, function as a statement piece, or add a bit of texture to your outfit. For example, if your outfit consists of mostly matte fabrics, you can wear a patterned or patent belt to make your ensemble a bit more interesting and add a little variety. Thin belts tend to look really nice with dresses, and wide belts can pair well with longer skirts. Try to pick a watch that is simple, yet can make a statement. For example, a watch with a slightly bigger face, but a simple band can make a great accessory addition.

Another thing to consider is the material of the watch. Your watch should be some sort of metal silver, gold, platinum , but the metal color should go with the other metal pieces in your outfit. For example, if your shoes and purse have gold detailing, avoid wearing a silver colored watch. A colorful or unique purse can act as a statement piece to a calmer, more conservative outfit.

Conversely, a stylish and simple bag can elevate a more casual outfit. Your purse does not have to match your outfit, but if you already have a color piece in your ensemble top, blazer, shoes, etc. Any purse that you use should be sleek and fashionable, no matter which way your outfit is leaning toward. For example, if you purse if smaller, it could be a bit more playful and flashy when paired with a casual outfit. Consider wearing a scarf. A scarf can serve as a simple accessory that can add a little variety to your outfit.

A scarf can always add a bit of color to your outfit, while sometimes lending a more fashionable feel, depending on the print and fabric. If your outfit consists of mainly dark colors, consider pairing it with a graphic scarf.

Wear your favorite print or color. For business suits, the classic attire can be rather boring. Consider switching up your business look by wearing a blouse that is your favorite print of color. Adding in this variety can keep your outfit looking appropriate and smart, while also letting your personal fashion sense shine through.

Soften your look with a sweater. Blazers are a great way to embellish a smart casual outfit, but if you want to go for a softer look, consider wearing a colorful cardigan or wrap sweater. If you are always chilly, a turtleneck is also a viable option for a smart casual sweater look. Renovate your work basics. In many business settings, pantsuits are a norm. Switch up the norm by updating your normal pantsuits for ones with slimmer silhouettes. Slimmer silhouettes can flatter your figure while staying modest, and you can mix and match your pantsuit combinations.

Always wear at least one statement piece. Dressing stylish everyday might be exhausting, but when in doubt and running low on work appropriate outfits always wear at least one statement piece. Your statement piece could be colorful, or printed, or embellished. Many department stores offer a variety of clothing options that can create smart casual outfits.

Fashion stores can also have pieces that can create a smart casual outfit, but you will have to use your best judgement. Store employee can always help you shop for specific styles. Not Helpful 1 Helpful White converse and loafers without patterns are good, whatever is clean, comfortable and fits your style is fine.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Not Helpful 9 Helpful If you mean long sleeves, the sleeve length doesn't really make a difference. Long sleeves are fine; other lengths are also fine. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. If I have to wear smart casual as a hospitality professional, what should I wear? Wear a black or navy skirt or smart trousers and a plain white or light colored blouse or shirt with a collar and low heeled shoes no sneakers.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. You can wear anything you want, but that choice would not be considered smart casual because of the ripped jeans. A chemise without a sweater or jacket is also too lingerie-like for smart casual. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. Looks fine either way, and is a question of personal choice, really.

Even a few light tones of blusher, lipstick, or gloss add subtle interest and can blend in well with your casual look. Either way, like a belt or necklace accessory, you can use it or lose it.

But it works well with casual clothes in strong or light applications and shows a bit of effort. Mix and match your eye shadow with outfit tones, and continue wearing dark liners if you wish. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. Are boots appropriate for a 'smart casual' dress code for an interview? Not usually, but it depends on the boot.

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